This issue has been available online since 23th December 2022 for the regular issue of December 2022. All (5 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 16 authors from 4 countries (Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia).
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Published: 2022-12-15

L-Cysteine Isolation of Fleece and The Application in White Bread

Anna P. Roswiem, Dedy Suseno, Triayu Septiani


Molecular Detection of Pork Contamination in Beef Sold in Traditional Markets, Yogyakarta

Sri Wijayanti Wulandari, Diah Asta Putri, Violita Syukroni


Effect of Different Mulching Materials on Growth and Yield of Cucumber

Dipesh Joshi, Prakash Awasthi, Sujan Bogati, Suman Adhikari, Prakash Shah, Santosh Singh Bohara, Santoshi Malla