This issue has been available online since 23th December 2022 for the regular issue of December 2022. All (5 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 16 authors from 4 countries (Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia).
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Published: 2022-12-15

L-Cysteine Isolation of Fleece and The Application in White Bread

Anna P. Roswiem, Dedy Suseno, Triayu Septiani
Abstract View : 285     PDF downloads: 209


Molecular Detection of Pork Contamination in Beef Sold in Traditional Markets, Yogyakarta

Sri Wijayanti Wulandari, Diah Asta Putri, Violita Syukroni
Abstract View : 273     PDF downloads: 177


Effect of Different Mulching Materials on Growth and Yield of Cucumber

Dipesh Joshi, Prakash Awasthi, Sujan Bogati, Suman Adhikari, Prakash Shah, Santosh Singh Bohara, Santoshi Malla
Abstract View : 248     PDF downloads: 234


Traumatic Childhood Experience and Self-harm Behaviour in Adolescent: A Review

Nora Binti Mat Zin, Uzma Nadhirah Irwandi
Abstract View : 610     PDF downloads: 314