The Professional Role of a Social Worker in Dealing with Problems Facing Drug Addiction Survivors

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Ahmed Saad Ahmed El-Nahhas


The drug addiction problem is one of the problems that pose a threat to the type and human existence, but it differs qualitatively in terms of the nature of the threat it contains compared to some other human problems, as most of the other forms of threat are of a temporary nature (such as wars and epidemics), but the drug problem is spreading rapidly among humans. Sometimes because of the problems and concerns that some societies are exposed to, and at other times because of the various organizations (such as the mafia) that plan to produce narcotic substances. Based on the above, it becomes clear the importance of evaluating the professional role of the social worker to determine the changes occurring to clients in light of the professional efforts of the social worker. Therefore, the researcher seeks to study the evaluation of the professional role of the social worker in rehabilitating people recovering from addiction.

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A. S. A. El-Nahhas, “The Professional Role of a Social Worker in Dealing with Problems Facing Drug Addiction Survivors”, Int.J.Halal.Res, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 73-87, Sep. 2021.


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